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! ġıɍŀ ŵơŋƌȩɍ ¡


this is the grand opening of nonregretterien, an icon and writing (writicon) community for me, mongoliabun. that's basically all you'll find here from this entry forward.

you can also expect to find the following:
★ made-up words like writicon
★ fanfiction
★ original fiction
★ poorly made icons
★ lack of consistent updates
★ lots of writer's block and frequent hiatusing
★ gay vampires
faggotry homosexuality in general
★ crossovers

along with the following fandoms:
★ Inception
★ Baccano!
★ Doctor Who
★ and probably more if I ever decide to post icons I made half a century ago

feel free to watch the community whenever you want. membership is closed, but nothing here will be locked. please enjoy my work! ♥

note: if, for some reason, you want to find any of my old works, you can head over to garmoecorp, where some of my ancient fanfiction sleeps.
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