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11 October 2011 @ 05:05 pm
1. Pick a letter and a corresponding word or expression.
2. Pick a fandom I can write and a character(s) or pairing.

Fandoms I will write for: Young Justice, DC Comics, Inception, OCs. Most comfortable with YJ or OCs at the moment, but DCU and Inception are still welcome! If I don't feel comfortable writing a specific character or pairing, I'll let you know and you can pick something else.

Drabbles will be 500 words or less. Ideally. They might get bigger. (Knowing me, they probably will.)

You can ask for more than one, and more than one person can claim one letter. Basically, go crazy.

A for Alice ○ Young Justice ○ Cheshire/Roy ○ ketchupbbyliger
► for Adoration ○ TTAU ○ Wally/Midori ○ aliencereal
► for Acknowledgement ○ Young Justice ○ Superman & Superboy ○ veelociraptor
B for Balloon ○ Young Justice ○ Roy & Lian ○ ketchupbbyliger
C for Centerfold ○ Inception ○ Eames/Arthur ○ veelociraptor
D for Drive-In Movie ○ Young Justice ○ Wally/M'gann ○ ketchupbbyliger
E for Ecstasy ○ MU ○ Heath/Dimitri ○ veelociraptor
F for Foray ○ Young Justice ○ Wally/Artemis ○ veelociraptor
G for Genes ○ Young Justice ○ Wally/Conner ○ strawberrymello
► for Galavanting ○ Young Justice ○ BROT3 (Dick/Wally/Conner) ○ hikari_sukuru
H for Hadrosaur ○ TTAU ○ Wally/Midori ○ veelociraptor
I for Ice Cream ○ Young Justice ○ Wally/Artemis ○ ketchupbbyliger
J for Justification ○ TTAU ○ AJ > Jaime ○ aliencereal
K for Kelvin ○ Young Justice ○ Wally/Dick ○ veelociraptor
L for Laughing ○ Young Justice ○ Dick/Wally ○ hikari_sukuru
M for Monkey ○ Young Justice ○ Conner & Wally ○ ketchupbbyliger
► for Mononucleosis ○ Young Justice ○ Dick/Wally ○ aliencereal
N for Names ○ TTAU ○ Finley/Lian ○ aliencereal
O for Overload ○ Routeverse ○ Wally/Midori ○ aliencereal
P for Pig ○ TTAU ○ Finley/Lian ○ aliencereal
Q for Quotation ○ Inception ○ Eames/Arthur ○ hikari_sukuru
R for Red ○ Young Justice ○ Dick > Wally > Roy ○ aliencereal
S for Sanity ○ DCU ○ Dick/Babs ○ aliencereal
T for Target Practice ○ Young Justice ○ Roy & Wally ○ ketchupbbyliger
► for Texting ○ Young Justice ○ Dick > Wally ○ aliencereal
U for Ulterior ○ MU ○ Heath/Chazz ○ veelociraptor
V for Visceral ○ Young Justice ○ Dick/Wally and/or Dick/Babs ○ hikari_sukuru
W for Waves ○ Young Justice ○ Kaldur & Wally ○ ketchupbbyliger
► for Wet ○ TTAU ○ AJ/Jaime ○ aliencereal
X for X-ray ○ TTAU ○ AJ/Jaime ○ aliencereal
Y for Yearbook ○ Young Justice ○ The Team ○ veelociraptor
Z for Zombies ○ Young Justice ○ Dick & Waly ○ ketchupbbyliger
22 August 2011 @ 11:39 pm
“Mooooom, do I have to?”

Mary West glanced down at her six-year-old son, who was currently pouting up at her in an attempt to sway her from her decision. “Wally,” she said in that “don’t judge a book by its cover” sort of way while setting up a three-column poster board on the workshop table in their garage, “it’s just the science fair, it’ll be fun.”

Wally scrunched up his nose and stared at the poster board with six-year-old disgust. “But I don’t like science. Science is boring. Science is for nerds.”

Mary laughed and ruffled Wally’s hair, which only made him scrunch his nose more. “Alright, your opinion has been taken into account”—Wally’s face brightened just a tiny bit, hoping maybe his mom loved him that much and wouldn’t make him do it after all—“but you’re still going to do it.” Back to pouting. “Just this once,” Mary qualified. “And if you absolutely hate it, then we’ll never make you do it ever again, deal?”

Wally frowned a little, but it sounded like a fair deal. “Okay, deal.” How hard could a stupid science project be, anyway?
04 September 2010 @ 01:16 am
More Inception Omegle Party icons! 17 more (but really only 4). Still from "Round 1" I guess, since I missed Round 2 and haven't poked through Round 3 yet. I'm still working on quotes people requested from this post but if you'd like to request anything else, please feel free to and I'll try to get around to them when I can! Enjoy!

do you like carpet?Collapse )

Funny note: the bathrobe silhouette in the bathrobe!Eames icon was found on the website arthursclipart.org. LOL.

ETA: You may steal the filler!limbo icon too! I didn't think it'd be so popular, haha...
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01 September 2010 @ 04:59 pm
omegle party icons: found via google

a shitton, will add later.

will add later.
01 September 2010 @ 04:47 pm
this is the grand opening of nonregretterien, an icon and writing (writicon) community for me, mongoliabun. that's basically all you'll find here from this entry forward.

you can also expect to find the following:
★ made-up words like writicon
★ fanfiction
★ original fiction
★ poorly made icons
★ lack of consistent updates
★ lots of writer's block and frequent hiatusing
★ gay vampires
faggotry homosexuality in general
★ crossovers

along with the following fandoms:
★ Inception
★ Baccano!
★ Doctor Who
★ and probably more if I ever decide to post icons I made half a century ago

feel free to watch the community whenever you want. membership is closed, but nothing here will be locked. please enjoy my work! ♥

note: if, for some reason, you want to find any of my old works, you can head over to garmoecorp, where some of my ancient fanfiction sleeps.